The Anglican Way with Dr. J

In this series we'll try to figure out whether there really is a distinctively Anglican way of being a Christian — spoiler alert: there is! — and will do so by reading poets and preachers, hymn writers and storytellers, all of whom will bring us pleasure and draw us deeper into our life in Christ.

Jacobs writes: 

I have long believed that, despite all the issues on which Anglicans disagree, there really is an Anglican Way: a disposition more than a collection of propositions, and a disposition grounded in the biblical witness to Jesus Christ and in the shared life to which... [more]

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Sacred Arts Series: Baylor Brass

The inaugural concert of the Saint Alban’s Sacred Arts Series will present Baylor Brass playing works by Albinoni, Bach, Gershwin, Haufrecht, and more. Made up of Baylor University faculty, Baylor Brass members concertize regularly throughout the country and boast impressive credentials as performers, teachers, and clinicians. Admission to this concert and all other events in the Sacred Arts Series is free. A reception will follow in the Parish Hall. 

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