Everything we have ultimately belongs to God. We are merely caretakers—or stewards. So when we talk about giving, we use the word stewardship: using the resources God has given us for his purposes and glory. Through our giving, we minister both inside and outside our walls. Sacrificial giving not only financially supports St. Alban's; it opens us up to a new life of trusting God with all we have. God is the giver of every good gift—and he calls us to share in the giving. 

Make a Gift Now

To give funds now:

Click the blue button below in the bottom right corner of your screen to give securely online (via credit card or bank transfer) to the work and ministry of St. Alban's. 

To set up automatic electronic payments from your bank account (known as ACH payments), please contact Business Manager, Nancy Bennett. 

Make a Pledge to St. Alban's

Members of St. Alban's typically make an annual pledge to the Parish. In prayer, they decide on the amount they will give to the church each year (usually in monthly gifts). We conduct an annual Stewardship Campaign every fall, where we talk and pray about the joy of being good stewards of the resources God has given us. At the end of the campaign, each member submits their pledge card, committing to the church whatever they've decided to give. If you join the church mid-year, you can still become a pledging member. Please contact our Business Manager, Nancy Bennett, to receive a pledge card, or with anyquestions you may have about giving at St. Alban's. Click below to fill out our pledge card online.