There are three opportunities for Sunday worship at St. Alban's.

7:30 AM - a spoken (no music) service of Holy Eucharist (Rite I) in the Church.

9:00 AM - Choral Holy Eucharist (Rite II), with organ and choir, in the Church. Features nursery and children's chapel.

11:15 AM - Choral Holy Eucharist (Rite II), with organ and choir, in the Church. Features nursery and children's chapel.

All worship services include Holy Communion, readings from the Bible, a sermon, and prayers. Our services come from The Book of Common Prayer (1979 edition). We use Rite I in our 7:30 AM service; Rite I uses traditional language and is the classic Anglican order for Holy Communion. At our 9:00 & 11:15 AM services, we typically use Rite II, a modern language service. During certain seasons of the church year, we use Rite I in our 9:00 and 11:15 AM services.

Sunday School

From September to May, we also invite you to come at 10:15 AM for Sunday School. We have something for all ages. Sunday School takes a break during the summer months. 


The above schedule, effective March 19, 2017, was developed in response to our recent growth and had unanimous vestry support. For more information, please visit "The Case for Change," which features the reasons for this change, parish survey results, and FAQ. You may download a PDF here . 

Finding Us

We are located at the corner of Waco Drive and N. 30th St. Our address is 305 N. 30th St. Parking is available behind the church. The entrance to the church is on the corner of 30th St. and Columbus Ave.

Our ushers and greeters, along with our Newcomer Coordinator, Rebekah Hughes, are happy to help you find your way around. Please let us know if we can help you find anything. 

What to Expect in Our Worship

When you arrive at the church, an usher will greet you and provide a service bulletin. You may choose a seat wherever you like. In the Episcopal Church, our liturgy is found in The Book of Common Prayer (BCP), which dates back to the 16th Century (and before!), though we use a contemporary version. The BCP is the red book in the pew rack. You can follow along in the BCP, although most of the congregational responses are also printed in the bulletin. For the 9:00 & 11:15 AM services, you may need a hymnal, the blue book in the pew rack, though most of the hymns are printed in the bulletin. Hymn numbers are listed on the hymn boards on the wall and in the bulletin.

We have Communion at every service. Click here for common questions (and answers!) about receiving Communion in the Episcopal Church.

What to Wear

Attire at our services is varied. Some people are more formal--you will see some in ties and suits. Other people dress more casually. Come as you are.


Jesus welcomed children, and so do we! If you have young children, our 9:00 and 11:15 AM services offer a nursery and Children's Chapel (a kids' program during the sermon). The nursery is for children ages 0-4, but we realize some kids can be anxious about going to a new place. So of course, parents are welcome to bring their children into services with them. Kids ages 4 and up join their parents for the beginning of the service, and are then dismissed for Children's Chapel before the Gospel reading. They return before Communion. Finally, all our staff and volunteers who work with children undergo a background check and are certified by the Episcopal Diocese of Texas's Safeguarding God's Children Program.