Mr. and Mrs. Stewart and Tracy Kelly, Campaign Co-Chairs

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity 

Stewart Kelly’s parents were married at St. Alban’s and he grew up in the church. When he and Tracy married, they discussed what church they would attend, but they always came back to St. Alban’s. “It just felt right,” Tracy said.

“We’ve been here now for 20 some years. We’ve seen priests come and go, and parishioners come and go. But here you have a church home. Things will change, but the liturgy and the relationships stay,” Stewart said.

“In this world today, we have so little quiet,” Tracy added. “This is one place where it just feels calming and centering. I have so many memories of this church.”

Tracy mentioned that Stewart has served on the building committee and knows the nuts and bolts of the place more than most. “Over the years, we patched and patched and patched and now we know it’s actually more expensive to patch,” she said.

“We cannot retrofit what we have,” Stewart said. “We have to build from the ground up, otherwise we will not be able to meet the needs of the growing membership.”

“It’s time,” he added. “An opportunity like this comes along once in a lifetime. We’re fortunate that it’s happening in our lifetime. I hope everyone takes advantage of this opportunity.”

“This [campaign] is for the future. It’s not really for us,” Tracy said. “But it’s the right thing to do: Sacrificial giving for the good of many.”

Mr. Brennon Arnold 

Brennon Arnold and his wife, Kim, joined St. Alban’s about a year and a half ago, and he was confirmed as an Episcopalian in June of last year. Although he’d attended church all his life in another Christian denomination, it wasn’t until his first visit to St. Alban’s that he felt he’d found the right place.

“I was fully certain St. Alban’s was the place for me the very first time I visited. God felt more real to me at that service than he ever had before. I knew I had found my spiritual home,” he said.

“I’ve always felt that a local body of believers should be open to what the future holds. This church has grown immensely even since I’ve been here, but I’ve seen the space issues, the parking issues. These would only continue to get worse.”

“We want people to be led by God to be here,” Arnold said, “but we also want to provide the best for them that we can.”

Brennon shared that in the two years before he visited St. Alban’s he had struggled with depression and anxiety. “My family and friends were concerned, but it wasn’t until my spiritual life had meaning again through St. Alban’s that I turned the corner. Christ’s sacrifice is enough. It is finished.”

“It took me 44 years to realize that I had been an Episcopalian all along,” he said. “I love it here. It’s been life changing.”

Mrs. Margie Allen, Honorary Campaign Chair

I’ve been at St. Alban’s since I was 8 years old. I think I must be the oldest member there! My parents moved us there from St. Paul’s when it was decided there needed to be another Episcopalian presence in Waco. The whole social life of my parents revolved around St. Alban’s. I grew up attending all the chili suppers, the pancake suppers, and it was just delightful.

When I see how the new plans (proposed by CasaBella Architects) open the parking lot to provide such an attractive entrance, and how it will make a much more visible presence on Waco Drive, I think it’s wonderful.

As I get older, I think my commitment to sacrificial giving increases. I think we can make this campaign goal, and if we can do that, then I can die happy!

Mr. Stewart R. Kelly, Campaign Co-Chair

“More than 14 parishioners have made the commitment to steer the Our One Foundation capital stewardship campaign, but it can in no way be a success without each and every one of you,” said Stewart Kelly, one of the campaign co-chairs. “Our commitment is to work extremely hard so that the ‘Night Under the Stars’ event (Oct. 23) is a night to remember forever in St. Alban’s history.”

Mr. & Mrs. David and Angela Tekell, Campaign Co-Chairs

David Tekell came to St. Alban’s the first time in 1983 at the invitation of Angela, then a Baylor transfer student. Now, 30 years later, they talk about their commitment to the church.

“St. Alban’s is certainly a big part of our lives. It is the foundation for our lives, for our marriage, for our family, for our core of friends,” David said. “As I think about the Our One Foundation theme, I find it’s a metaphor for all those things in our lives. I’m hopeful we can continue that legacy for other families and friends into the future.”

Angela said she came on her own to St. Alban’s the first time and then began attending a Wednesday evening program. “It’s always been a place of peace and comfort for me. After 30 years, it is a constant for us.”