The Plan

St. Alban’s began with the faith of a few who established Our One Foundation. Thanks to their vision, courage, and generosity, we have our beautiful church along with much of the campus we enjoy today. We are equally grateful for those who enriched Our One Foundation as St. Alban’s celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. Thanks to those church members, many of whom are still active at St. Alban’s, we have the additional facilities—from Parish Hall to parking lot—that have enabled us to continue to serve God and neighbor on this strategic corner in Waco. Seventy years later it is our turn to expand Our One Foundation as we provide what is needed for coming generations in a growing city.

Phase One

Expansion of Our One Foundation requires both a foundational and future investment.

Foundational Investment: Calls us to capture the space we will need for growth.

  • Removal of present Outreach Center
  • Acquiring the remaining properties on our block

Future Investment: Beckons us to build new spaces we need for the growth we are already seeing.

  • New 16,600 sq. ft. Parish Hall (50% larger than current space)
  • New education space for children, youth, & adults
  • New and more offices
  • New playground

These foundational and future investments expand Our One Foundation by:

  • Stretching the property line for the growth of future ministries and the preservation of our block from unappealing commercial enterprises.
  • Increasing large and small spaces, so to better serve more parishioners and welcome more newcomers.
  • Centralizing and increasing workspace, so to be better equipped, staffed, and organized as we support the ministry of the church.
  • Building a welcoming, attractive, and accessible play area for both children who come in our doors and those who live in our neighborhood.

Phase Two

Expansion of Our One Foundation requires new and renewed enhancements.

New Enhancements: Create a clearly identified entrance from the parking lot and better flow with a unified cohesive floor plan.

  • Porte-Cochère
  • New restrooms
  • New corridors connecting new & existing buildings
  • Covered porch at entry
  • New courtyard
  • Fence and signage along Waco Drive
  • Increased parking & drives

Renewed Enhancements: Renovate and refurbish existing spaces.

  • Renovate Parish House to contain rooms for infants & toddlers and a Parlor (for weddings, funerals, small gatherings)
  • Air Condition existing walkway
  • Improve and expand west entry to nave (by baptismal font)
  • Build new Music and Conference Rooms
  • These new and renewed enhancements expand Our One Foundation by:
  • Inviting new people with a much-improved profile on Waco Drive.
  • Establishing a new front door & lobby area, with corridors that are easy to enter and navigate.
  • Designing accessible space that welcomes all persons to every offering at St. Alban’s.
  • Improving outdoor spaces that create more room in our parking lot and more space for outdoor gatherings.

Phase Three

Expansion of Our One Foundation provides necessary additions and updates to our church building.

Additions: Provide modern necessities to our worship space while preserving our historical presence.

  • Narthex expansion with additional entrance and ADA restroom
  • New covered walkway to Parish House
  • New Audio/Visual and Lighting System

Updates: Classically restore and preserve key elements of St. Alban’s beautiful worship space.

  • Organ repair and acoustical improvements
  • Nave/Altar renovations (replace worn flooring, reposition altar, repair and preserve stained glass windows)
  • Sacristy renovation
  • Narthex renovation with better space for parents and infants
  • Improved and increased ADA seating in nave
  • More secure balcony

These additions and updates expand Our One Foundation by:

  • Ensuring that all persons can fully participate in all worship experiences at St. Alban’s.
  • Renovating all aspects of the worship space, including Waco’s finest church pipe organ.

Phase Four

Expansion of Our One Foundation requires both a foundational and future investment.

Foundational Investments prepare the space we will need for growth.

  • Removal of Existing Properties
  • Site Work
  • Future Investments build new spaces we will need for growth and outreach.
  • Chapel
  • Community Center with Gymnasium

These foundational and future investments expand Our One Foundation by:

  • Establishing St. Alban’s presence on the entire city block situated on a principal thoroughfare.
  • Increasing spaces for recreation and outreach to better serve children, youth, and adults in our church and community.
  • Constructing an additional worship space to offer various forms of Episcopal worship to reach new communities.

Seventy years after our founding, we have a unique opportunity to expand what others have established and enriched. Consider doing your part for the St. Alban's of today and tomorrow. Join our founders’ legacy by expanding Our One Foundation.