Via Media, A Journey into our Anglican Identity

VIA MEDIA, A JOURNEY INTO OUR ANGLICAN IDENTITY: Please join us Sundays, April 7 – May 19, 10:15 AM in the Parish Hall for a look at our Anglican heritage as we journey from early English Christianity through the fascinating and challenging rise of the Church of England to the establishment of The Episcopal Church with the founding of the United States. Taught by Dr. Philip Jenkins, Katherine Lindgren, Allison Brown, The Rev. Garrett Lane, Dr. Rachel Toombs, & The Rev. Dr. Andrew Armond. Questions? Contact Dr. Rachel Toombs,


Taught by Dr. Philip Jenkins
Distinguished Professor of History
Institute for Studies of Religion
Baylor University
Philip Jenkins is a Distinguished Professor of History at Baylor University, where he serves in the Institute for Studies of Religion. He has published 35 sole-authored books, including Climate, Catastrophe, and Faith: How Changes in Climate Drive Religious Upheaval (2021), and A Storm of Images: Iconoclasm and Religious Reformation in the Byzantine World (2023). His next book due out later this year will be Kingdoms of this World: How Empires Have Made And Remade Religions.