The vestry is composed of the rector, wardens, and vestry members of a parish. The vestry oversees the finances of the parish, assists the rector in conducting the business of the parish, and ensures the church is equipped to hold worship services. The wardens and vestry are the official representatives of the parish in the absence of a rector. At St. Alban’s, we have 12 laypeople elected to serve for staggered three-year terms. Vestry meetings typically take place on the fourth Thursday of the month at 6:00 PM. Vestry members must be members of the church (communicants in good standing and confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church). Nominations for vestry members takes place in the fall, and elections are held at the Annual Parish Meeting in January.

David Tekell
Senior Warden
(Vestry term 2023-2026)
The Law Offices of Tekell & Tekell, L.L.P.

Marilee Rafferty
Junior Warden
(Vestry term 2024-2027)
Executive Assistant
at Computer Task Group

Chris Pieper
(Vestry term 2024-2027)
Senior Lecturer of Sociology,
Undergraduate Program Director,
Baylor University

Eric Hooley
(Vestry term 2024-2027)
Senior Systems Analyst,
Baylor University
Graduate School

Ashley Allison
(Vestry term 2023-2026)
Executive Director
Waco Foundation

Jerry Campbell
(Vestry term ends in 2024)
Attorney (Retired)
Naman, Howell,
Smith & Lee

Les Carter
(Vestry term 2024-2027)
Retired Psychotherapist

Bronwyn Case
(Vestry term 2023-2026)
Registered Nurse
Family Partnership
Baylor Scott and White Hillcrest

Brian Gamel
(Vestry term 2023-2026)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
George W. Truett Theological Seminary
Baylor University

Erin Lange
(Vestry term 2022-2025)
Cedar Ridge PDS Elementary

Jeff Raimondo
(Vestry term 2022-2025)
Baylor University

Dean Riley
(Vestry term 2022-2025)
Account Manager
Axiom Advertising
/ Custom Data Products