“Now finish the work, so that your eager willingness to do it may be matched by your completion of it according to your means.”

2 Corinthians 8:11

Finishing the Work: The Backstory

In 2016, St. Alban’s developed a Master Plan for our campus. The first phase, Our One Foundation, gave us the new Parish Hall and Welcome Center. This $6.5 million project was completed and paid off in spring 2020.

In spring of 2022, we completed Phase 2: Renew & Restore, a $2.5 million project. This included the renovation of our historic church, the installation of a new organ, and the preservation of our stained glass.

Through their generosity, St. Alban’s members have given our community and congregation spaces for ministry and mission for generations to come.

Finishing the Work: The Time is Now

As our leadership shared in five parish-wide Town Hall meetings in May 2022, the pandemic, supply chain issues, and inflationary pressures increased the complexity and cost of the church renovation. Additionally, it impacted some of the long-planned “finishing touches” of the project: upgrading the courtyard and adding a columbarium, installing a new playground for younger children, and the adding of a permanent security fence on Waco Dr.

The amount needed for “Finishing the Work” is $2.9 million. Join us in making a multi-year pledge towards this goal. Together, we can finish the work!

We invite all members to make a pledge!

Architectural Renderings

Courtyard & Columbarium
Close-Up of Columbarium
Playground Space & Security Fence

Have questions or want to talk more?

Email The Rev. Aaron Zimmerman (Rector) or Liz Fraley (Committee Chair) with questions or to discuss finishing the work in more detail. 

Email Jesse Lee (Director of Finance and Operations) to discuss planned giving.

Finishing the Work Committee

Liz Fraley, Chair
Robert Brown, Communications Chair
Stephanie Kucera, Events Chair
Lynda Lee-Dyer, Finance Chair
Doug Smith, Engagement Chair
Jesse Lee, Director of Finance and Operations, Ex officio
Jason Milam, Senior Warden, Ex officio
The Rev. Aaron Zimmerman, Rector, Ex officio