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Baptism is initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into the body of Christ. We typically offer baptism four times a year in our 9:00 and 11:15 AM Sunday services. The typical dates of Baptism are the Sunday after All Saints’ Day (first Sunday in November), Epiphany (usually the second Sunday in January); the Sunday after Easter Sunday; and Pentecost (usually in June). We baptize adults who have been prepared through our baptism class. We baptize infants whose parents are baptized Christians and have taken the baptism class. When infants or young children are baptized, their parents and godparents make promises on their behalf. The children are to be raised at home and in the church in the knowledge and love of the Lord Jesus Christ. Those who are baptized must have at least one sponsor (commonly called godparents for children). To sign up for our baptism class, contact the church office. For questions about what baptism means, how to prepare, and other questions, please contact the Rector.



Confirmation is a sacramental rite by which those baptized as infants take on the promises of the Baptismal Covenant for themselves in the community of faith with the laying on of hands by the Bishop. Typically, Confirmation is offered once a year in our 10:00 AM Sunday service during the Bishop’s annual visitation. Confirmation is offered for students in 8th grade and up. In addition, on Confirmation Sundays, those confirmed in other traditions may be received into the Episcopal Church. A confirmation class is required, and is offered several times a year. Please contact the Rector if you or your child would like to be confirmed.



To be married at St. Alban’s, at least one member of the couple must be a baptized member of the church. All couples are required to take our Marriage Preparation Class. This course involves reading, a Pre-marriage Inventory, and four meetings with one of our clergy. For information about fees, wedding policies, and any other matter about weddings at St. Alban’s, please see our Wedding Guidebook: Weddings at St. Alban’s.



Funerals in the Episcopal Church are filled with the Scriptures that point to the great hope we have in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our burial liturgy provides powerful and hopeful words that provide great comfort in a time of grief. Our altar guild, music staff, and clergy are committed to helping families through the difficult time after a loved one’s death. For information on funerals, or funeral planning, please call the church office or contact the Rector. (Please note: if a family member or friend is near death, please notify the Rector as soon as possible.)