In 2010, the Episcopal Diocese of Texas established a companion relationship with the Anglican Diocese of Southern Malawi of the Anglican Church of Central Africa to reach “across cultural and geographic boundaries to form new friendships, prayer partners, pathways for mutual learning, and an expanded awareness of each other and the world”

Our parish partner, All Saints in Nambiti, is in southeast Malawi, a small and peaceful African country. The parish is comprised of 5 different churches spread across 5 villages, with villages in-between. On any given Sunday, the rector may only celebrate in one to three of the locations.

So far, St. Alban’s has sent two teams to Malawi. The first trip was really more relationship building and focused on assessing the situation. The second trip involved a health and well-being focus. We gave about 2000 doses of vitamin A and albendazole (an anti-parisitic) to children under 5, and weighed and measured all of them. While the Malawi government mandates this program, they don’t have the resources to make it happen so they’re quite happy with these results.

St. Alban’s also sponsored a Malawi opthamalogist who worked with our team to see over 1500 patients. Thanks to Lions Club International, we were able to pass out about 500 pairs of eyeglasses to those who needed them.

The team also tested 26 sites for water quality. Thankfully, the rectory’s well is giving good quality water!

Currently, we are planning another trip for the future and raising funds for a chicken coop. Raising chickens will provide the people of Nambiti with income, as well as a sustainable protein source.

Please contact Pat Danley if you are interested in being involved in our ministry in Malawi.