Pastoral Care

St. Alban’s strives to care for all our members through the ups and downs of life. We have a committed team of lay people, along with the clergy, who visit our members in the hospital, bring meals after births, provide food for bereaved families, and bring Communion to our members who are unable to attend church. Our clergy are also happy to offer pastoral counseling. Please call or email the church office to speak to one of our clergy for any pastoral needs. Also, if you are interested in joining our pastoral care team, please contact the office.

Please note that when you are hospitalized, regulations prevent the hospitals from notifying us. You or your family must contact us to let us know. Please know that our clergy are always happy to pray with you before surgeries and to visit you in the hospital.

AFTER-HOURS: If you are in need of pastoral care after office hours (M-F after 4:30 PM or on weekends), please call (254) 730-1125 for the clergy person on call.