a journey into our anglican roots

Next spring, a group of St. Alban’s parishioners will travel to England for a time of prayer, formation, and worship. We will spend time learning more about Anglican history and theology, as well as our namesake, St. Alban.

Led by Dr. Rachel Toombs, Director of Formation & Connection, the Rev. Aaron M. G. Zimmerman, Rector, and Eugene Lavery, Organist and Director of Music.

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Pilgrimage is an ancient tradition of traveling to locations of historical and religious importance to deepen a person’s spiritual experience. Rooted in ancient and medieval Christian practices, a pilgrimage frequently retraces the lives and journeys of Christians and Christ himself by visiting various places that were significant to the stories and experiences that gave life to our faith (i.e. the Holy Lands). Those who go on pilgrimage are called pilgrims, a word taken from Latin peregrini, which means wayfarer, foreigner, or traveler. This word described those who spread Christianity throughout Europe and the British Isles throughout late antiquity and the early medieval period by building communities of faith, and it continues to inform modern-day Christians whose journey across the earth is directed towards the ultimate holy land—the kingdom of our God. Going on pilgrimage is a way for an individual to deepen their Christian faith, but it is also a way to strengthen the community of the church today.

Central to pilgrimage is the communitas—or community—of fellow pilgrims and Christians who are joined in the common journey of faith that is strengthened by going on pilgrimage. This community is not limited to one group of travellers, but includes all us wanderers whose lives and journeys are woven together in Christ. In sum, going on pilgrimage is a way to grow our understanding of our faith tradition, enrich our spiritual lives, and grow in community with God’s one holy, catholic, and apostolic church both on the pilgrim road and right here in Waco.

We will be based in London and visit Oxford, St. Albans, and Canterbury. Additionally, our choir will be singing at the St Albans Cathedral for Saturday Evensong, Sunday morning worship, and Sunday Evensong.

On each pilgrimage day (except the free day), we will focus on four central elements:

  1. an opportunity to pray/worship together,
  2. exploring one or more exemplar of faith,
  3. learning more about Anglican history and theology,
  4. and exploring one or more key architectural element or historical artifact.

Health and fitness note: This trip involves a considerable amount of walking. Participants will need to be able to get off/on a bus and walk 3–4 miles per day at a gentle pace on sometimes uneven ground. Unfortunately, much of the terrain is not suited to walkers, strollers, or those dependent on wheelchairs for mobility.



TUESDAY, May 28Leave TexasFlight to Heathrow
WEDNESDAY, May 29LondonArrive in London, Check-in to London Hotel. This hotel will be accommodation for the entire pilgrimage. Dinner on own. Welcome orientation in the evening.
THURSDAY, May 30LondonVisit St. Paul’s Cathedral, Paul’s Cross, and local church for prayer. Dinner on own.
FRIDAY, May 31OxfordTake morning charter bus to Oxford. Explore Oxford history, landmarks, and worship with local guide. End the day in Oxford with a group meal before heading back to London.
SATURDAY, June 1London

FREE DAY. Make your own adventure in London or join other pilgrims to explore the sites. Dinner on own.

Choir members will head to St Albans this afternoon for rehearsal and Evensong.

SUNDAY, June 2St AlbansTake morning charter bus to St Alban’s for worship service. Spend afternoon exploring the Cathedral and surroundings. Attend Evensong and then group dinner in St. Alban’s before heading back to hotel.
MONDAY, June 3CanterburyExplore Canterbury Cathedral and St. Augustine’s Abbey, plus the oldest church building still in use and the oldest parish church in the English-speaking world, St. Martin’s Church. Dinner on own.
TUESDAY, June 4LondonVisit Westminster Abbey and the Lambeth Palace Library. Group dinner in London.
WEDNESDAY, June 5Depart LondonReturn flights to Texas. For those not returning home, hotel checkout before noon.

If you are interested in helping to subsidize the cost of this pilgrimage, please reach out to Jesse Lee, Director of Finance and Operations.

St. Albans
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