Prime Time Classics Volunteer Opportunities

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Tuesday, September 12
9:30 am
4-6 volunteers
ORC Lobby

St. Alban’s Memorial School Historic Items and memorabilia has been located but not yet organized. There are boxes of photos, documents including class rosters and alumni directories, and other items for sorting and preserving. Institutional knowledge and affection for the school will be useful in this project which will entail making decisions and labeling / identifying items and photos. May require additional sessions.

Rosanne Fuller and Paula Campbell will be leading this project.


Thursday, September 14
9:30 am
4-6 volunteers
ORC Lobby

St. Alban’s Episcopal Church Historic Items and memorabilia has been loosely organized and needs to be placed in chronological order in notebooks. This project is a work in progress with many items already sorted. Documents date from the mid 1940s “mission” era through present day. This project is for anyone who is interested in St.A history.
Labels, notebooks, plastic sleeves, etc. will be provided.

Florence Scattergood will be leading this project.


Tuesday, Sept. 19
9am-12pm & 1-4pm
12 volunteers per shift
801 Austin Ave.

Rainbow Room is located in the CPS offices at 8th and Austin and serves children who are being re-housed with either foster or kinship placements. Caseworkers “shop” for necessary items for emergency placements from an inventory of donated goods. This project will be similar to what PTC accomplished during the Parish Hall / Pantry workday with the addition of assembling of shelving. Volunteers will triage, sort, and organize their stockpile of donation items in their storage area and to add inventory to the “shopping” area. Items include new products such as diapers, toiletries, clothing, and cleaning supplies.

Andrea Zimmerman will be leading this one day project and suggests morning (9-12) and afternoon (1-4) shifts of 12 persons each; if desired, one could sign up for the complete day. Lunch is included for volunteers.


Thursday, September 21
9:30 am
3-4 volunteers
St. Alban’s Courtyard

Courtyard Garden will be ready for a few pots of color. Permanent plantings will not occur until mid-fall when bushes, etc. will have a chance at survival. Until then, perhaps a few pots of posies can liven up the area. 3-4 people with green thumbs. Please bring your own tools.

Nancy Bennett will be leading this project.


Tuesday, September 26
9:30 am
6-8 volunteers
St. Alban’s Annex

Christmas Decorations in the annex storage room need to be sorted and organized.
During PTC Parish Hall/ Pantry workday all things Christmas were transferred to the annex and left for later. Later is now for triage, sorting, and organizing. 6-8 people could accomplish a great deal in a couple of hours.

Donna Leas will be leading this project.


Prime Time Classics

Saturday, October 21
6-8 pm
Parish Hall