Rector’s Summer Sabbatical

Per Diocese of Texas policy, the Rev. Aaron Zimmerman and his family are taking a sabbatical this summer and into early fall.

Timeline: Aaron’s last Sunday was May 16. He will return to the office on September 14 and to worship on Sunday, September 19. 

Activities: During the sabbatical, Aaron and his family will take an 8-week trip through Europe, visiting France, Italy, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Sweden, and Iceland. Aaron will do lots of trail running, including a 7-day run around Mont Blanc in the Alps, going through France, Italy, and Switzerland. They will also visit Aaron’s family in the Carolinas. Finally, Aaron will take time for personal retreat, study, and prayer.

Funding: The sabbatical is funded by a grant from the Lilly Endowment, the Bishop Quin Foundation of the Diocese of Texas, and St. Alban’s. 

Family Blog: Aaron’s family will be updating a blog with photos and writing during their travels: 

Radio Silence: It is important that Aaron have total rest and refreshment from parish matters. Please do not contact Aaron via text, phone, or email. He is not on social media. Aaron’s church email is deactivated. He is happy to hear from you when he returns. In the event of a major event impacting the parish during Aaron’s leave, the Associate Rector and Wardens have instructions on how to contact Aaron.

Pastoral Care: For pastoral matters, please contact our clergy: Neal, Kara, or Alberto.

For more info: Rector’s Sabbatical Q & A

A Sabbatical Prayer for the Zimmerman Family:

Almighty God, who delights both in work and rest, grant your blessing upon the Zimmerman family. May this sabbatical time be filled with wonder, play, and delight in the world you have made. Strengthen them and the people here at St. Alban’s with the power of the Holy Spirit and fill us all with your grace and love; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.