SINCE 1953,

the year the church was completed, thousands of people have filled St. Alban’s to worship, to pray, to sing, to listen, to baptize, to be joined in marriage, to bid farewell to loved ones, to proclaim the good news, and to drink the cup and eat the bread of Holy Communion. The songs and prayers of generations fill the space and linger in the walls and rafters. We have been blessed with a place set apart for the worship of God in the beauty of holiness.

We now have a historic opportunity to preserve and enliven our sacred space for the future. With a new world-class organ, new flooring and walls for a brighter and more resonant space, updates to our lighting & sound, and the preservation of our carillon and iconic stained-glass windows, St. Alban’s will be even more beautiful and inviting for generations to come.

Join us as we seek to restore and renew our beloved church.

“Those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength.”

Isaiah 40:31

What are we renewing & restoring in the church?

Nave & Sanctuary

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Our new Organ schoenstein & co., opus 180

The proposed new organ will be a world-class instrument. The much improved sound will fill the space, enhancing congregational worship. The case of the new organ preserves the historic woodcarvings.

Other exciting renovations

Goal of Campaign

This campaign seeks to raise an additional $650,000.00 in gifts and pledges to complete the second phase of the Our One Foundation master plan. This second phase includes the restoration of the interior of the historic St. Alban’s church building and the installation of a new organ built by Schoenstein & Co.

How to Plan Your Gift Over the Next Three to Five Years

A special message for Phase I givers

Campaign Leadership

Honorary Chair:
Kay Woodward Olson

Campaign Co-Chairs:
Doug Smith, Stephanie Kucera

Spiritual Chairs:
Andy & Lynn Wisely

Communication Chairs:
Robert M. Brown

Financial Chair Emeritus:
Nancy Bennett

Financial Chair (Effective September 2022):
Jesse Lee

Executive Leadership:
The Rev. Neal McGowan,
The Rev. Aaron M. G. Zimmerman


Florence Gassler Scattergood

Stewart Kelly

Eugene Lavery

Kay Woodward Olson

Tom Porter

Cathy Ratcliff

Angela Tekell

John Wood

Ex Officio
The Rev. Aaron M. G. Zimmerman, Rector

Jerrie Callan,
Senior Warden

Larry Adams-Thompson,
Junior Warden