Renew & Restore Updates
Respectfully submitted by Florence Scattergood, Building Committee Chair, unless otherwise noted.

april 27, 2022 Part 2

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Outdoor renovations to begin

Work on the Courtyard and Columbarium is expected to begin before summer. All hardscape will be removed in order to upgrade the drainage and electrical systems. The flower beds will be reworked, and the beautiful live oak and surrounding bed will be preserved along with the beloved statue of St. Francis. Lighting will be upgraded to illuminate outdoor events. The wall facing 30th Street will be demolished and rebuilt as a columbarium of similar design.

april 27, 2022 Part 1

Easter was magnificent!

We are now enjoying the substantial completion of the renovation of the Nave.

The Schoenstein organ is installed and fully operational; new furnishings have taken their place among our historic pews; plaster walls and new pendant fixtures lighten the space; the floor to ceiling reredos is adorned with the recently gold-leafed main cross; the patterned tile floor leads us all toward the altar; the new stained glass window completes the original collection. The Narthex now welcomes us into a worship space that reflects our past and celebrates our future.

March 24, 2022

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Some more work behind the scenes!

The clergy vesting area is starting to take shape and the Carillon is clean and ready for Easter!

March 15, 2022

Schoenstein Chapter Two

Connecting the display pipes so they may speak. Things heard but not seen. Building the organ takes expertise and gymnastic skills.

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March 11, 2022

A peek at the case work

Here’s a preview of New Holland’s beautiful case work around the organ up in the gallery.

March 8, 2022

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Furniture moves in!

We had a handful of church members help with unloading various pieces of furniture for the church: cushions, kneelers, and more! We are so thankful for those who used part of their Spring Break in this way!

A piscina is a special, small sink that is used in the sacristy specifically for disposal of consecrated elements that have not been used, including water and wine. This sink empties directly into the ground instead of the sewer, so that these consecrated elements are returned back to the earth.

March 3, 2022

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Some more progress!

Welcome the Windows!  – The colors are amazing. 

Gold leaf on the main cross – Restoration of what was rarely seen before. Many thanks to Jason Chapman for his expertise. 
A glimpse at the gallery organ – Wooden and metal pipes in place.
Lastly, a beautiful photo of our new rose window.

february 22, 2022

Organ console move!

The Schoenstein crew with some help from Waco Moving Company moved the console of the organ into the Nave.

february 15, 2022

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Organ delivery!

The Schoenstein crew guided the congregation members in the offloading of the 52 foot truck; over 2,000 parts weighing more than 65,000 lbs. overflowed into the Welcome Center. Step one in assembling is ensuring that the chamber floor is level. 

february 8, 2022

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Millworkers on site

Reinstallation of pews atop our freshly tiled and cured floors.

february 2, 2022

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Loading in the pews

Reinstallation of the pews atop our freshly tiled and cured floors.

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Loading in the pews

Reinstallation of the pews atop our freshly tiled and cured floors.

JANUARY 27, 2022

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Millworkers on site

Reinstallation of paneling outside the quire  and reconstruction of the paneling behind the altar. The beginning of re-staining begins!

Geometry in action

Tiles floors are going down!

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Gold leaf.

Several carvings are being enhanced with 24k gold.

JANUARY 19, 2022

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Our new window is stunning!

The bold colors and imagery with the grapes and wheat is taken from our preexisting windows. We can’t wait to enjoy this window in worship from inside the church.

DECEMBER 11, 2021

Let there be light!

New LED dimmable fixtures installed and operational.

Delivery of wooden tracery

250+ pounds of solid white oak to serve as interior frame for new window.

Completed exterior stone tracery

Next step is clear protective glazing.

DECEMBER 6, 2021

Our own Vitruvian Man

The white oak tracery for the new altar window is done.  Beautiful work by Nathan Stanton. 

Exterior Stonework

Finishing out the window trim in preparation of tracery installation.

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Running lots and lots of cables

Hardwiring AV equipment, fire alarms, emergency lighting, as well as overhead pendants.  

November 30, 2021

Balcony Floors

Many thanks to Kelley’s Floors for the wonderful restoration of the yellow pine in the balcony.

November 17, 2021

Window Tracery

White oak tracery is taking shape at Stanton Studio. The wood frame will match the reredos over the main altar.

Lead Lines

The addition of lead lines to the mock up of the window brings definition to the design.

Stain Selection

The original pine floors in the balcony will receive a natural stain with a dark border.

November 8, 2021

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The restored credence table has a new larger top and new outdoor benches await installation outside Welcome Center.

Visit to Stanton Studio

Committee members enjoyed an afternoon of education on the art of glass blowing and were treated to a preliminary glimpse of color placement in the new window which will share the same color palette as the original windows in the Nave.
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October 27, 2021

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A New Coat

Pews and kneelers are being revitalized in the warehouse off site preparing to live up to the beautiful new finishes in the Nave.

October 20, 2021

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Mind the Gap

After several months of work under the floor, it is reassuring to see progress on filling in the holes throughout the building.


Greetings from Kaleb as he rebuilds steps in the balcony to eliminate a trip hazard as viewed through new coffered ceiling.

October 14, 2021

Power in the Tower

Re-wiring continues to reach great heights as seen in this carillon cabin photo. Read more about St. Alban’s carillon here!

October 6, 2021

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
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Become "Hole-ier"

Photo 1 – Big hole – access for plumbing to the new ADA family bathroom

Photo 2 – Plumbing, electrical, data, fire alarm……. lots of holes

Photo 3 – Tower room holes for recessed lighting

SEPTEMBER 20, 2021

Window removal

Great care was taken in the removal of the round window for its cleaning and restoration before it finds a new home elsewhere on the campus.
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SEPTEMBER 16, 2021

Tower door

The seldom used tower door has been sealed to create interior wall space for new family ADA bathroom. Exposure to the elements will transform the stone to match the rest of the building.

Scaffolding in place

Exterior and interior scaffolding will remain in place for several weeks as work on the round window progresses.
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Courtyard windows

Lovely light pouring in from the courtyard. Protective glazing almost complete. Art glass will follow later in November.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2021

Let there be light!

Clear protective glass installation on Columbus Avenue side of the Nave is completed. Natural light pours through the windows allowing workmen better visibility since overhead pendants have been removed and placed in the corner.
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Stone mason on campus

Installation of Our One Foundation Commemorative Plaque. The stone comes from the same quarry that supplied the Cathedral and Abbey Church, Shrine to the Protomartyr of England.
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R&R Signature Beam

The beam has been installed in the new closet ceiling and will remain exposed for viewing throughout the years.

AUGUST 25, 2021


Reaching new heights for electrical work!

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Lots and lots of plaster!

Numerous coats are being applied before final color on all walls in Nave and Balcony.

R& R Sign...

Encouraging visitors to worship with us in the Parish Hall during this time of construction.

AUGUST 17, 2021

Plaster preparation...

Please do not be alarmed by the dark color; this is the first of several coats of this fascinating process before the final plaster is applied.

Huge closet!

Altar Guild will finally have a place for seasonal decorations and other large items.

Former organ chamber door...

After sealing the small “Hobbit” door, the beautiful wood paneling will be reinstalled. The new organ chamber access will be located outside the nave.

AUGUST 11, 2021

What happened to the door?

This rarely used door to the narthex tower has been sealed off in preparation for the new ADA family bathroom.

AUGUST 2, 2021

Family Bathroom & Lounge

The former women’s vesting room off of the Narthex is being framed out to accommodate a new ADA Family Bathroom and Lounge. The exterior door will be filled in, and the former tiny women’s bathroom will be repurposed as a closet.

Seating and a freestanding changing table will complete the new space with the St. Francis window remaining visible to the all when the RR is not in use.

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july 20, 2021

Stained Glass Window Preservation & Protection

All stained glass windows will be removed for repair and restoration. All window frames will be stripped and repainted both inside and out. Isothermal glazing will be added to each window – clear protective glass on the outside and art glass on the inside. The two windows in Higgins Parlor are examples of this process.

Installation of the protective glass will be done all at once and will precede that of the art glass which will be returned in stages as individual restoration is completed.

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july 15, 2021

Capturing St. Alban's Beauty

Michael Larsen and his faithful assistant Ada are capturing images from the altar cross for a photo essay of unique St. Alban’s architecture and artifacts to be displayed throughout the campus.  

A Hidden Treasure

Among the surprises found during renovation was this secret carving by Camille Ward on the backside of the organ frieze. It will return to its hiding place when the carving is reinstalled in its original position but a photo will be on view for all to enjoy. 

july 5, 2021

Sacristy Improvements 

The sacristy will be enhanced with the addition of cabinetry both above the sink and on the opposite wall which will include a built in ironing board.  A long needed piscina sink for the proper disposal of communion wine will be incorporated into the new kitchen counter. 

Clergy Vesting Room

Cabinetry for clergy vestments is being reconfigured for better storage and accessibility for more priests (image 1). The long-sealed existing door to the vesting area has been reopened to create better traffic flow (image 2). Exterior work to this area also includes a new canopy over the entrance to protect from the elements and an improved handrail for the staircase.

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Surprise Flooring 

When removing the carpet in the balcony and stairs, the orginal wood was discovered to be in fine shape. The floors on the stairs and in the balcony will be refinished. The risers will be painted in a contrasting shade, and step lighting will be installed to help eliminate any former trip hazards.  

Narthex Updates

Lifting and lightening the Narthex for a more welcoming space will include a coffered ceiling, tile flooring, and built-in storage cabinets for bulletins and other supplies. New interior doors with glass panels and audio speakers will enable ushers and others to see and hear what is going on in the Nave without disturbing worship.

LEM & Acolyte Vesting Room

A new vesting area adjacent to the organ chamber will be built out with cabinetry and closets in a newfound space.  

June 28, 2021

Let there be light! 

The pendant fixtures in the nave are currently under transformation. The outward decorative casings will remain the same; the inner workings are being replaced with versatile LED mechanisms which will allow for a variety of lighting combinations ranging from a warm bath of general lighting for Sunday services to uplighting, downlighting, and dimming for special effect. 

Additional fixtures will spotlight the cross and the baptismal font.  

Strengthening our foundation!

Unbeknownst to most of us, there is very limited access to the crawl space under the nave and narthex; in fact, in one spot the only way to get under the church is by shimmying through the AC ductwork. Holes are being cut in the concrete floor so that workers can get under the building to reinforce with new beams and footings in preparation for the new tile flooring and to install the plumbing for the new ADA bathroom.    

June 15, 2021

Making room for an organ...

Something that many of us do not realize is that there is a lot more to a pipe organ than meets the eye.  The largest pipes usually remain unseen in a chamber out of view. In preparation for our new Schoenstein organ, our current organ chamber has been emptied to accomodate the new configuration of pipes. Today’s photos show the chamber in our nave in its current state and the construction of pipes in the California factory that will find their new home here in September.

June 8, 2021

Entering a time of increased activity in the Nave....

Substantial demo has already occurred: flooring and pews have been removed, the Reuter organ has been dismantled and sold, the stained glass windows are at the glass studio being refurbished, the narthex ceiling is gone in preparation for a new coffered design, and the support spaces have been gutted and are ready for renovation. All sacred items have been carefully removed and are safe in storage out of harm’s way. The altar, pulpit, and lectern remain in place encased in protective structures. Signage and barriers will be in place to remind all that the church building is now a construction zone. We hope your enthusiasm and curiosity will be satisfied with our regular updates and photos of the progress.