Are you new to St. Alban’s or been here for awhile and interested in learning more about small groups?

Our Small Groups are committed to two things:


Small Groups gather in people’s homes to foster relationships. We believe that an essential component to being a Christian is simply spending time with other Christians and enjoying the company of believers. Because relationships are the end goal of small groups, the time simply enjoying one another’s company is essential, and as a result each small group gathering has time set aside for fellowship. We also believe that part of being in a Small Group is fellowship with God. To that end, each group ends with Compline, a beautiful service of prayer from The Book of Common Prayer. Through prayer, we grow in our fellowship with the Holy Trinity.


Small Groups are also devoted to fostering and encouraging an active and “living” faith. Each Small Group spends time in discussion around a common reading (this could be poetry, a piece of literature, spiritual memoir, or book study). Small Groups are places where our faith can be challenged, deepened, and encouraged. The readings that the groups discuss are there to aid in developing a mature and lively faith. Faith is also encouraged in Small Groups through service projects. Groups can volunteer their time and gifts to serve others in Waco. Through discussion and service Small Groups are great places to enrich your faith.

About Small Groups

These groups are led by St. Alban’s members and meet in homes. Groups meet at different times during the week, some meet Sunday after church, others on Sunday evenings, and others on a weeknight. Small groups meet over two formal terms: Fall (September–December) and Spring (January–May).

If you are interested in joining a small group, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch! 

If you’d like to learn more about small groups or have lingering questions, contact Dr. Rachel Toombs, Director of Formation & Connection.


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