for your giving to Phase I of our Master Plan.

We want to say a word to those of you who have an existing pledge to Phase I of the Our One Foundation Master Plan, and are still making contributions towards that pledge.

Thank you!

Your faithful giving made the construction of our new Parish Hall and Welcome Center possible, and has transformed our church. Our campus is more welcoming, more accessible, more useful, and more beautiful than ever before.

As you know, a surprise gift in March 2020 from an anonymous donor allowed us to pay off the remaining construction loan from that project. Originally your gifts were going towards the payment of that debt. But now, since Phase I is paid off, ongoing pledges towards Phase I will now go towards Phase II of our Master Plan: the Renew & Restore campaign for the church renovation and new organ.

You may be wondering, “If my Phase I pledge is going towards Phase II, should I make a new pledge to Phase II?” Humbly but enthusiastically, we would reply, “Yes!” Getting to take part in the renovation of a historic church and the installation of a new organ is rare, and we believe all our members will be excited to take part.

We invite you to prayerfully consider making a pledge towards the Renew & Restore campaign, and plan on starting the new pledge when your Phase I pledge concludes. (You will see the pledge card asks you to write the date of when your pledge will begin.) Even making a one-time gift to the Renew & Restore campaign for Phase II would be a wonderful way to support this historic project.

Thank you for your ongoing generosity to St. Alban’s.

Doug Smith & Stephanie Kucera
Co-Chairs, Renew & Restore Capital Campaign