Saint Francis Ministries


ST. ALBAN’S WELCOMES Saint Francis Ministries

Grand Opening

Waco Office • 305 N. 30th St.

July 25, 2024 • Noon – 2:00 p.m.

Founded more than seven decades ago by The Reverend Robert Mize Jr., an Episcopal priest, Saint Francis Ministries began as a home for troubled boys in Ellsworth, Kansas. Fr. Bob had seen too many young men disappear into the juvenile justice system and he wanted to offer them hope. He established Saint Francis Boys’ Home to help them reclaim their lives and futures.

Over the years, the scope of our ministry has grown to encompass adoption, behavioral health, Family Centered Treatment®, Fatherhood FIRE, foster care, independent living, in-home prevention, and residential programs.

From those first 12 boys in Ellsworth, Saint Francis has expanded to serve thousands of children and youth in seven states – Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Texas. Our commitment to those in our care remains as passionate as ever, as we continue the life-affirming work of Fr. Bob. We are dedicated to the notion that every child and youth we serve deserves healing and a bright future.

Saint Francis ministries is excited and eager to partner with St. Alban’s in the service of children and families. Our hope is that this relationship will strengthen the bonds of community and friendship so together we can care for those most in need of healing, love, and a second chance. The faith community has a long history of supporting Saint Francis in our work, and we are grateful for the help.

We have already begun our prevention work through the Texas Home Visiting (THV) program and will soon file the necessary documents to expand our foster care homes work within the Waco community. THV delivers evidence-based, voluntary parent education and support programs via visits by early childhood and health professionals to the homes of expecting parents and families with children aged 0-5 years.

In addition to in-home parent education and support, Saint Francis will provide foster care home services that focus on building the capacity to serve more children and to ensure they are placed locally so they can remain within their home communities.